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Major UK Disaster and Surge Situations

AREPA UK excels at providing the right people and right equipment, the right place to help you.
Over recent years, the UK has been affected by widespread flooding on numerous occasions. Planning for these types of incidents is vital in the support of our core clients and those affected.

With the use of modern technology and the expertise of our Project Managers and Technicians we are able to help more people, much more quickly than ever before. From tracking weather patterns, to remote drying monitoring systems, we can move equipment from one case to the next with the minimum of delay, making the equipment work harder for the insurer and the policyholder.

At times of widespread or major incidents we issue bulletins for all major clients indication response times and availability of manpower and equipment. This allows our core clients to handle their policyholders with confidence, informing them of when help will arrive.

To discuss how we deal with Major UK Disaster and Surge Situations, please contact us.

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