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Commercial Duct Cleaning

As part of our Commercial Damage Management services, AREPA UK offers a professional and highly skilled duct cleaning service for businesses across the UK.

Following fires in commercial premises, smoke residue deposits are often found in the ductwork systems and this can also lead to contamination reaching areas that were not directly affected by the incident. The primary cause of this is the HVAC system, which distributes temperature-controlled air throughout the building. During the initial assessment of a Commercial Damage Manage project our Project Managers undertake contamination profiling to determine the spread of contamination throughout the property.

AREPA UK has utilised their decontamination methodology, evolved over many years and in all commercial sectors, to now include the decontamination of HVAC systems.

A major advantage of the methodology devised, is reducing the number of access hatches that would normally be required. Thus reducing the disruption to a business, means that decontamination works can be often be undertaken in normal working hours, helping reduce the overall cost of the project.

Service offering for ductwork cleaning

AREPA UK is able to decontaminate incident related smoke contamination and where required, pre -incident soil (kitchen extract systems) to risers (vertical ducting runs), plenum, filter boxes, and horizontal ductwork.  All HVAC control systems within the ductwork – attenuators, flow control dampers, fire dampers, air turning vanes and sensors are included within the decontamination works.

All works are carried out to the standards laid down in BS EN 15780:2011 and the guidelines outlined in HVAC guide to good practice TR/19.

Wherever possible, dry decontamination methodology is adhered to utilising high pressure HEPA vacuum, system pressurisation and hand finishing with tack rags to prevent secondary damage due to water damage in long ducting runs above false ceilings. Access panels are cut and sealed to exceed the requirements of HVCA DW144 to ensure complete decontamination.

Where aqueous decontamination is required (normally in commercial kitchens), foam based chemicals are used to reduce the amount of water required.

All decontamination is verified utilising Elcometer 142 ISO 8502 – 3 Dust Tape test kit to ensure compliance with the acceptable surface levels of contamination outlined in BS EN 15780:2011.

All systems are fogged post decontamination to reduce the possibility of mould spore growth.

Chilling coil decontamination, heat exchanger decontamination, filter bag replacement and damper setting all form part of the service.

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