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The AREPA UK Atmospheric Control Systems (ACS)

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Provides a highly controlled environment

The AREPA UK Atmospheric Control Systems (ACS) helps businesses to continue operations in the face of disasters. Using our in-house Research and Development division, AREPA UK has built on the experience gained in the Specialist Drying field to evolve hot/chilled/dehumidified air production and control systems that enable us to maintain the environment in any size of building to within 0.1° Celsius and 0.1% Relative Humidity for an indefinite period.

Using this technology means the ability to have different temperature and relative humidity zones within the same facility. In a Commercial Damage Management situation this would allow for temperature critical processes, such as administration, to continue even though the main plant may be disabled through fire or flood damage. Multiple zones can also be set up to maintain different conditions for areas containing for example, dry goods, work in progress or the water damaged area, all with the same degree control.

The system can also provide a temporary solution where the requirement for a controlled atmosphere is only temporary and does not warrant the expense of installing fixed plant. These systems have been employed in Education facilities where the heating has failed, rock salt storage facilities to stop the rock salt from freezing and in ship hulls during maintenance and paint curing.

The construction industry can also benefit from this level of control during heating or cooling, allowing work to continue irrespective of weather conditions, thus avoiding potentially costly contract overruns and late finish penalty charges.

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