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Specialist Drying

AREPA offers a specialist structural drying service for businesses in the UK, Europe and across the World.

The most effective way of drying water-damaged buildings is with the application of heat. These advanced methods are already having a major impact in Commercial Damage and Domestic Fire and Flood Restoration industries.

Using the latest in hydrothermic (rapid) drying technology, buildings can be dried in a matter of hours or days, rather than the weeks or months using only traditional methods. The introduction of a drying regime on every project means the most cost effective and efficient method is achieved every time. 

From the time the drying equipment is installed, through to the last drops of moisture being removed, the whole project can be monitored and controlled remotely, via the Internet, to ensure the temperature and humidity remains at the optimum for safe, fast drying. Remote monitoring not only ensures the drying conditions are maintained at the optimum and equipment is working correctly, but also helps achieve our environmental targets. Thus, reducing the effects of insurance losses on the environment. 

Using the latest in moisture measuring technology we provide a certificate of dryness for every drying project. The certificate includes the moisture maps and graphs from the remote monitoring systems. 

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