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AREPA App Privacy Policy

The AREPA Group is a Technical Service organization with operations throughout Europe.
We operate on an international basis through our subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Great Britain and France.
AREPA was established in Silkeborg, Denmark in 1981. Today AREPA is one of the world leading companies in Technical Disaster Recovery.
This App is used internal at AREPA for case and item registration.
By using this App you accept the collection, use and transmission of data to AREPA for storage and further processing.
Information we collect:

  • We read the device network/Internet connection state to calculate if the App is be able to synchronize its data to the AREPA servers.
  • The App user use the camera in the device to scan barcodes and to take photos of items which will be stored locally on the device for later synchronization to the AREPA servers.
  • We read the device’s geolocation which will be stored together with the case and item information.
  • We read the device unique device ID which will be connected to the App data.

The App data is used for case management internal at AREPA and for report generation.
Reports based on the App data may be available for business contacts, who are related to the data.
The App data is stored on the internal AREPA servers, which only are accessible for AREPA employees.