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When the worst happens, always REACT

A disaster does not have to result in total devastation. Your response and actions during the initial stages may be critical in the process of minimising Business Interruption and Secondary Damage.

AREPA UK offers an emergency contingency programme called #REACT, to help in times of crisis, such as following a flood or a fire. Partnering with AREPA and having the #REACT programme as a part of your Business Continuity Plan can mean the difference between effective operational recovery and further damage; damage that can lead to loss of equipment, resources and most importantly customers.

Just one call to our 24-hour emergency response line activates #REACT.

Once #REACT is instigated we respond immediately to: 
  • Stabilise the atmospheric conditions premises.
  • Assess the scope of damage.
  • Carry out emergency mitigation to machinery and equipment to prevent further damage.
  • Recover salvageable assets of value and store them in a suitable facility.
  • Appoint a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the project.
  • Construct a programme of works to suit parties´.

AREPA UK #REACT - When the worst happens, always #REACT: Watch video   

Make #REACT part of your Business Continuity Programme today!

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