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Macdonald Randolph Hotel – Oxford
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On Friday 25th April 2015, AREPA UK Ltd was instructed to carry out restoration works on fire and water damage caused by and following a recent fire at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel, a renowned historic 5 star hotel, located in the centre of Oxford.

Fire Damage Restoration at Flooring Manufacturer
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On 17th April 2016, AREPA UK was called out to deal with a fire incident at a resin flooring manufacturing company called Flowcrete. A fire had started in their Foden Band room, which completely destroyed the room and resulted in smoke and water ingression affecting adjoining departments. Twenty-nine people were relocated to other departments or worked from home during this time.

Extensive Ingress of Water in Primary School
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On Thursday 9th June 2016, AREPA UK received an emergency call from loss adjusters, VRS Vericlaim, asking us to respond to an emergency situation at St. Mary’s R.C. Primary School in Failsworth near Manchester.

Fire at Food Manufacturer
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Arepa UK was called by Davis French Associates following a fire which broke out in one of the machines within the milling plant at a national food manufacturer. It was already established that the roof above production lines one, two and three had been thermally damaged and was due to be replaced.

Salt Water Ingress to Production Facility
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The following case study is based upon the decontamination and restoration of contents and machinery at one of the largest cementatious material production facilities in the UK. In November
2013 as part of a wide area flooding event, salt water entered the plant to a height of 1.5m throughout. The water originated from the adjacent estuary so it contained sodium chloride and
other contaminants associated with sea water, which accelerate the corrosion of unprotected and susceptible metals.

Fire Involving Garage Equipment
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The following case study is based upon the decontamination and restoration of fire damaged garage equipment used in an educational facility.

Fire Involving Production Machinery
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The facility housed 18 production systems, one being destroyed by the incident and all of the others affected by soot and smoke contamination in varying degrees.

There was clear evidence of incident related corrosion to most unprotected metal surfaces, which would have led to long term damage to the equipment potentially causing an increase in the incidence of machine breakdown in the future. 

This in turn could have led to further claims being made under both the contents and business interruption policies.

The Lancashire Tearoom
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On Monday 26th September 2011, staff arriving for work at The Lancashire Tea Rooms discovered water cascading down from the ceiling of the tearooms into the basement below. Findings showed there had been an escape of water from a fixed water installation located on the second floor of the building. One call to their insurance broker, Towergate, Stoke instigated the #REACT programme. AREPA UK arrived on-site within four hours to assess the damage and to make their recommendations.

Fire at Major Entertainment Venue - London, December 2010
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Following a well published fire at an East London venue AREPA were called in to undertake decontamination of the contaminated seating to ensure no events were cancelled. The decontamination of the seating was undertaken over 5 days including a full weekend to keep the venue operating.

Bottle Blowing Facility Fire - Shropshire, November 2010
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Following a major fire AREPA were called to provide a competitive tender for the decontamination of 5 major production units. The overriding factor was business interruption; the units could only undergo decontamination over the festive period in December 2010.

Fire Damaged Restaurant - Central London, August 2010
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Fire Damaged Restaurant - Central London, August 2010

Water Damaged Compressor - Liverpool, August 2010
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AREPA were called to assess alleged water damage to a compressor housed in a woodworking shop.

Fire in a Spark Eroder - Yeovil, July 2010
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Following a freak occurrence during an everyday production process, AREPA were called in to undertake the decontamination of production equipment affected by soot and smoke contamination, followed by a full structural decontamination programmed in to ensure the client’s production capabilities were maximised.

Fire in the ceiling void of a chemist - Leicester, July 2010
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The property is a busy chemist shop in central Leicester and had suffered a fire in the ceiling void what had caused significant damage to the entire shop and its contents.

Major Fire in a production facility - Pershore, March 2010
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A major fire in a production facility prompted a call to AREPA for assistance in preventing secondary damage to high value production equipment and tooling.

Fire in an Etching Plant - Birmingham, February 2010
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Following a major fire in an etching plant room within a large production facility in Birmingham, AREPA were called in to undertake the strip out works required to ready the area for reinstatement works and also to carry out decontamination of soot and smoke affected production equipment.

Fire Damaged Laser Cutter - Bishop Stortford, February 2010
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AREPA were called in to undertake technical decontamination and restoration of a laser cutting machine. The knowledge and expertise of AREPA staff were the deciding factors in appointing AREPA to this claim.

Flooded Buildings and Machinery - Cumbria, December 2009
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Following the flooding in Cockermouth in late 2009, AREPA were called into the largest production facility in the area to undertake the structural decontamination and drying of the building and full decontamination and restoration of in excess of 500 production machines.

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
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During the June and July floods 2007, like many areas in England, Wakefield suffered immensely. Hundreds of men and women were forced to evacuate
their homes during what was quite an extraordinary event, with extreme freak rains striking the city.

The Living Room, Oxford
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The Living Room, Oxford, is a new restaurant with in excess of 200 covers based in the redeveloped Castle complex in Oxford City Centre.
Late on a Sunday night a summer storm overwhelmed the storm drain system causing rainwater to flood the basement area of the restaurant.

Corus Hotel, London
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A top London hotel was forced to find emergency accommodation for more than 600 guests after a 36-inch pressured water main burst outside its front doors.

Morpeth Castle Council, Northumberland
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On Saturday 6th September 2008, the town of Morpeth in Northumberland suffered the most intensive rainfall in living memory and fell victim to serious flooding after the banks of the River Wanbeck burst without warning.

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Larger Company: Specialist Performing Arts Teaching College
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The college suffered flooding from torrential rain, which overwhelmed the drains. The lower ground floor was several inches under water. This affected admin offices, a sound recording booth and a dance theatre with a sprung floor. In addition, all block-work floors were ruined.

Larger Company: Motorway Service Station
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The petrol station retail building was damaged by arson. It suffered heavy smoke logging throughout the metal clad structure of approximately 3,000 square feet. Also affected was electrical and electronic petrol pump control equipment.

SME: CNC Manufacturing Machine in an Engineering Workshop
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An operational fire in a CNC machine, valued at £`50,000, caused significant damage. In addition, the machine was the primary revenue generator for the workshop.

SME: Electronics Manufacturer
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An electronics manufacturing company, making specialised audio-visual digital and analogue interface circuit boards, suffered an arson attack.

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