Restoring Confidence in Your Equipment

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Technical damages on land, at sea and in wind turbines..

AREPA has for more than 30 years performed restoration and repair on technical equipment after damages.

We are AREPA

AREPA  is a service organization specialized in technical
damage restoration within mechanical, electrical and
electronic damage.

Furthermore we offer preventive maintenance and services on
technical equipment.
Today AREPA works globally based on our centers in Denmark,
Holland, France, Sweden, United States and Canada.
CHICAGO, Ill. February 12, 2019 AREPA, a leading global provider of equipment restoration and inspection services, is pleased to announce that they were recently awarded the 2018 "Challenging Spirit Award" from Honda North America.

AREPA was given this award on February 8, in recognition of the customized recovery solutions they provided to Honda following the June 2018 flood that catastrophically affected auto and component production at their Celaya, Mexico plant.

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